Motivational and Inspirational Movies (27)

Eight below (2006)

Eight below (2006) is a heartwarming adventure, a movie inspired by a true story. A movie with no bad guys. 🙂 It takes place in Antarctica, and the real stars are the dogs.

The story is about a dog sledge trainer Jerry, who has to guide an expedition with Dr Davis McClaren. Due to a heavy snowstorm upcoming and some injuries, the scientists and crew members have to leave the polar base. They intend to come back and rescue the dogs but the weather does not permit it. The dogs are left alone…

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10 Horror Movies filmed in Romania

Many movies you might not expect are filmed in different locations in Romania. Reasons? On one side, there is beauty and a variety of scenery. On the other side, Film Studios from Bucharest, Rumania, is the largest and longest established film studio in Europe.

All ten films I have chosen for today, are horror movies. Personally, I am not a fan of them, but I know many people love watching them. Here is the list:

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Faces of Love (215)

A Mother Like Alex by Bernard Clark


by Manuela Timofte

It is a book about a mother and her family. That would be the shortest way of describing the book. Yet, it is about more than that. The book is not about an ordinary family. It is about a single woman adopting kids with disabilities and making an unusual and special family.

While in most families the birth of a baby with Down’s syndrome put pressure on the parents, Alex, a single woman adopted nine special children (seven Down’s kids).

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