A little bit of Heaven (188)

Reborn from ruins – Nopcsa Castle

The Nopcsa Castle is located in the village of Săcel, seven kilometres from the town of Hațeg, in Hunedoara county.

The castle was built around 1872 and was the property of the Naláczy family. According to legend, the Naláczy family owed so much to the Nopcsa family that in exchange for the debt, Baron László Nopcsa (III) called “Black Face”, seized this domain.

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Review – Happiness Recipe by Manuela Timofte

The first review of my book came as a beautiful surprise early in the morning. I want to share it with you and thank Patricia Furstenberg who has written and posted the review on her blog https://alluring creations.co.za/wp/.

Here is an excerpt from her post. Also, you can read the whole review and visit her beautiful blog.

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With or without a mask…

Looking around you day after day, it sometimes seems as if you are at a masked ball. Since we live in a society where everyone wears a mask… more or less. We use them to hide our anger, our ignorance, our fear, our greed… to hide, to put on a false face, but one that we believe fits society’s requirements. Some with masks are seen as worthier than those without…

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