Motivational and Inspirational Movies (35)

Lagaan: Once upon a time in India (2001)

Today, with the Lagaan movie I am back to sports movies. 🙂

The plot is set in rural India, in 1893 and follows the natives of a small village during the late Victorian period of India’s colonial British Raj. People feel suffocated by high taxes and years of drought. Their complaints about taxes will end by being challenged by an arrogant British officer in a game of cricket. The result of the game should support the increase of taxes or their avoidance.

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A little bit of Heaven (184)

Toaca peak, Ceahlău Massif

In Eastern Carpathians, Ceahlău Massif is one of the most famous mountains in Romania. It is described as the Olympus of Romania.

Toaca peak, after Ocolașul Mare peak, is the second largest in the Ceahlău Massif, with a height of 1904 m. Although it is not the highest, its pyramidal shape makes it the main attraction of the massif.

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How good is your Life Path?

We say that some people do not choose the right path in life. Of others, we say that they have chosen the wrong one. Each of us is unique and makes or should make our own choices. Every opinion is based on what we as humans live and experience. But how does one know whether a life path is good or bad for others? What we see as good, others see as bad, or what we see as wrong, others see as good, or regardless of whether it is good or bad, their choice is the only way they can find it at the time.

In my opinion, everyone chooses the most suitable path for them.

Life is our greatest teacher. We don’t shape a life — life does this based on what we are here to learn and what we have signed up for.

Twin flames
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Motivational and Inspirational Movies (34)

The Perfect Family/ La Familia Perfecta (2021)

Inspired by our life, and the idea that it does not matter what world you are coming from, the movie depicts through drama and comedy, the way you can reinvent yourself as long as you wish and find your inner strength to do it. Even if “The Perfect Family” (La Familia perfecta) is not a highly-rated movie, I liked it.

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A little bit of Heaven (183)

Rasnov (Râșnov) Fortress

Peleș Castle, Corvin Castle, Făgăraș Fortress, and Transfăgărășan are all located in Transilvania, Romania. Today I try to present another fortress: Râșnov Fortress.

A peasant fortress with simple architecture and an area of 3500 square meters, Râșnov Fortress (Rosenau Burg in German) is located on a rocky hilltop in the Carpathian Mountains, 200 meters above the town of Râșnov, Brașov county.

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How big is your dream?

We have desires and goals. We have dreams and fears. The latter are those which whisper to us that we can’t, that we don’t have enough power to achieve them, that we are not good enough in countless ways. They tell us that our dreams are too big or unachievable. However, who could dream or fulfill our dream if not ourselves? Who has the right to tell us that our dreams are too big? What is the standard to know the size of a dream?

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

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