With or without a mask…

Looking around you day after day, it sometimes seems as if you are at a masked ball. Since we live in a society where everyone wears a mask… more or less. We use them to hide our anger, our ignorance, our fear, our greed… to hide, to put on a false face, but one that we believe fits society’s requirements. Some with masks are seen as worthier than those without…

With mask

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If you look around you will see how much we are overwhelmed by falseness. From the fake things that surround us and that we pay a lot of money for, to the fakes we put in or on ourselves to look different from who we are.

The common man has become a “figure of fun” or is called “stupid”. Conversely, the richer you are or sing your own praises about how much you have, the more valuable you are seen to be. But if you sit down crookedly and look straight into your soul, you will find that you do not like what you see.

We are involved in fake things, in fake relationships, and everything becomes fake communication. We play games where we try to show that we agree with what others give or offer us. In reality, we often hate them or wish we were in their place.

Masks lead to false conversations. This is why most human communication is false. Parties and leaders play their game on the political stage for many. Behind the scenes, they take off their masks and plot how to increase their wealth to make another nation, another people, and another part of humanity unhappy for the goal of their happiness.

Masks are tools of false communication, built on fake feelings, hiding the real feelings we fear. We are afraid to say what we think lest we be judged, lest we be isolated. But under the mask we can catch the poison we pour out on others… who we think are weaker than us.

Without mask

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Two categories of beings do not wear masks and do not know how to wear them.
The first category includes dogs who are the best psychologists and can read your human. A dog does not hide…

The other category is represented by small children who have not yet been “educated” to play by the rules of society’s masks. They say what they feel. A child turns his back on you even if you are his parent, smiles or laughs with you even if you are a stranger. He shouts when he feels the need without caring that your mask of the parent who knows how to educate the child is smiling, while under that you are furious.

Another category is formed by the many who take off their mask when they come home from work or meetings… Generally, at home, we try to show who we really are. However, the fact that we suppress our emotions during the day does not help anyone. The more we suppress them, the more they want to come out. We erupt in anger, and those we take revenge on are those we consider weaker than us, the family members.

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A society without a mask

A mask hides the truth about us. Without a mask we allow ourselves to be who and what we really are.

A society without a mask is where we are helped to find our guru within us without imposing anything on us, where we express our opinions directly without fear of being reprimanded, ostracised, condemned or dismissed;

It is a society where you do not hate me because my opinion is different from yours. Where you can say “thank you“, “sorry”, or “forgive me” without the fear of being less worthy than others.

In that society we live our lives by following what our hearts dictate, not the rules others make to keep us in their game; a society where we have the courage to see the value of every human being as the right everyone is born with, not just those who claim they have “rights”.

A society without a mask is a society of people who accept each other as they are and help each other to do so, without fear of the facade. A society where we accept that everyone is another version of ourselves in a different colour, height and weight. It is a society where communication takes place without a mask.

With or without a mask is our choice and it leads to the reality we live in…

Love, Manuela

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  1. Your statement that most communication in our society and world is false really does say a lot about us as human beings! I guess we could take the hiding analogy all the way back to Adam and Eve! Very well written!

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  2. The Western mask is deifferent from others, such as the African masks. The Western mask is used to hide. In Africa the bearer of the mask became the mask, or the deity the mask represented. Happens in other cultures too.
    Thanks for the post.

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    1. You are right. The different ways we see things define parts of our uniqueness. Beyond that, your comment brought me something new about the African mask. Thank you for your read and comment!

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